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beer kwantes
landing pages for copywriters and entrepreneurslanding pages for copywriters and entrepreneurslanding pages for copywriters and entrepreneurslanding pages for copywriters and entrepreneurslanding pages for copywriters and entrepreneurs
“Everything you are looking for in terms of web development, expertise and creativity.”
Alles wat je zoekt op het gebied van website ontwikkeling, expertise en creativiteit.

Kirtan Boedhoe

Marketing Manager at 4Industry

It's your time to shine. Be as proud of your landing page as they are:

Beer Kwantes - Landing Page Design

Soccer training for adults

Design, development, copy, SEO, GMB. It's all there.

Powermoeder - Landing Page


Design, development and speed optimization.

Uncle Chief's

Uncle Chief's

International eCommerce, from design to development to copy. Note: currently working on a repositioning to bring even more results.

Virtual Flower

Virtual Flower

Just a personal side-gig that I'm working on. Design, development, concept, copy. You name it!

Parttime Trader - Landing Page and Copywriting

Parttime Trader

Landing page design, development and copy.

4Industry - Conversion Rate Optimization


Conversion Rate Optimization and long-term SEO.

Gewoon Goede WiFi - Beer Kwantes Design

Simply Solid WiFi

We crafted an offer that brought 12 clients in the first three days!

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✔ Full transparency ✔ No string attached

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Stephan Lammerts

Founder van Parttime Trader & Maugust

Beer delivers high quality custom work.

Beer is not a standard website developer! He listens to you, thinks along pro-actively, is always enthusiastic and shows a lot of commitment. The communication is also very pleasant. You can trust Beer, a deal is a deal. Beer delivers high quality custom work. I strongly recommend Beer within my network. reviews - Ska Icon

Ska & Anita Hagens

Founders van Uncle Chief's Clothing

Very personal approach.. in short: a great collaboration!

Very satisfied with the cooperation to create the website. Thinks along and comes up with fresh design proposals! Very personal approach and questions are answered quickly. You get a final report after the website is completed to your liking. It contains a clear reference guide to manage your website yourself. In short, a great collaboration!

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